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PartnerLIFT Rental Centers

Country   Address (Postcode/City)   PartnerLIFT Rental Center

PartnerLIFT is one of the German and European market leaders in the renting of work platforms. Many of our partner companies also supply construction machinery, forklifts and cranes. Together with our mor than 100 rental partners, we are to be found all over Germany in a location near you! Since 2007 we also have partners in Switzerland, in Ireland, in Poland and we are looking for further partners in other European countries who can offer you their services.

From the symbols listed below the company address, you can see what equipment the specific partner supplies.

Please click on the postal code of your worksite and immediately you will be able to make direct contact with the PartnerLIFT members located there. If you click on the countries Switzerland and Austria, you will find our partners there also.

You can also obtain information about the nearest PartnerLIFT firm for your worksite by calling our service number:

+49 511-96352-0