PartnerLIFT: Europe-Wide Rental
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Use the capabilities of a strong community

Under the trademark "PartnerLIFT" hire firms from the work platform sector have come together from all over Germany to form a consortium. A lot of companies hire out not only work platforms but also construction machinery, cranes and forklifts.

The PartnerLIFT cooperation has the following five aims:
  • Development of a nationwide network of leasing partners with a common hire pool under joint conditions. The purpose being to increase the utilization rate of a firm's own equipment. The member gains access to the equipment of the partner firms, thereby considerably increasing its overall chances of success and acquiring the capacity to serve its customers anywhere in Germany in an optimum way.
  • Joint purchase of hire equipment under better purchasing conditions.
  • Framework agreements with equipment suppliers for less cost..
  • Special service offers from the PartnerLIFT team for its members.
  • Exchange of views and experiences between the members..

The membership fee is only € 1000 a year. Branch offices pay half the amount. In addition, there is the one-off entry charge of € 1500, branch offices included, for participation in the common hire pool, incl. database. For the PartnerLIFT starter package, which comprises numerous promotional ads, a one-off fee of € 500 per site is charged..

PartnerLIFT aims to be the biggest members' organization of work platform hire firms in Germany and Europe, so that a concentrated network of rental partners emerges throughout Germany and Europe and the great purchasing power that this will provide helps the partners to reduce their costs.

PartnerLIFT is a open community, which any hire firm can become a member of. Becoming a member is easy. Simply, request a membership form, complete the details, sign it and return it to:

Monika Metzner 
Möwenkamp 5 
30916 Isernhagen/Hannover

Arbeitsbühnen, Krane, Stapler, bundesweit vermieten