PartnerLIFT: Europe-Wide Rental
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Customer proximity means to us: always being there where you need us.

Already today, with over 70 sites and large numbers of equipment, we are among the leading work platform renting organizations in Germany, and the number of cooperation partners associated with us is growing all the time. Many of our partner firms also hire out construction machinery, cranes and forklifts besides work platforms, allowing us to supply you with this equipment as well, from almost anywhere in Germany and some european countries.
  • The PartnerLIFT network guarantees you quick and personal consultation at the worksite, low transport costs, quick service, and fair prices in line with the market.
  • PartnerLIFT – our partners are independent businesses. This makes them especially motivated to serve their customers in the best possible way. They see themselves as service providers who have to be accessible to their customers twenty-four hours a day. Right from the project planning stage, experienced PartnerLIFT advisers are at the customer’s disposal.
  • Even with difficult projects you are always well advised with PartnerLIFT, because you can draw on the know-how of a large and strong community.
  • The PartnerLIFT rental agencies are staffed with trained personnel and equipped with modern computer technology. This guarantees reliability with the renting.
  • Safety is paramount at PartnerLIFT: we have our own PartnerLIFT quality control, where a neutral surveyor verifies the quality of our equipment and services. In addition, some partners have officially introduced a certified quality management system in line with EN DIN ISO 9001:2000.
  • The PartnerLIFT organization’s central office is a member of IPAF, an international organization specialized in providing training for the operators of working platforms. Under the strict and sophisticated guidelines and training standards of IPAF, some of our partners have developed trainers to instruct you, our customers, in the safe and effective operation of work platforms. Please click on the IPAF logo to see which of our partners offer you IPAF training courses.